HUM Sessions

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HUM sessions are designed to

help you discover your distinct mind-wiring

support the intersection of your life-callings and gifts

connect thought-leaders & creatives

push your work to the next level

Profiling Session

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $90

Meeting: Green Bay, WI or via Zoom, a free online video channel

What to expect:

First, a relaxed Q & A, including-

What makes you happy

What challenges you

How you see the world

How you make decisions

What energizes you

What drains you

Then, an explanation to your unique mind wiring, including-

Your Myers-Briggs best-fit type

The four cognitive functions you prefer, consciously and unconsciously

How you navigate the world when balanced

How you navigate the world when stressed

Your greatest leverage point for growth

Your greatest leverage point for aspiration

Finally, I’ll share resources to help you navigate your unique HUM style & flight.

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Navigation Session

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $60

Meeting: Green Bay, WI or via Zoom, a free online video channel

What to expect:

Personalized goal setting tailored to your needs

Tips and strategies you can immediately implement into your work

A deep-dive discussion about your mind’s wiring and how your preferred cognitive functions impact your motivation, energy, and productivity.

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HUM Presentation

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $400, plus travel and accommodation. $30 per optional 30-min Q&A add-on.

Presentation Description:

Navigating our talents, goals, and self-chosen work can be challenging. Not because of journey itself, but because of the way we often believe we should think, behave, and produce.

The truth is, every individual is uniquely wired with cognitive preferences, flow states, and strengths. Many of the frustrations we experience on our journey is the result of a perceived set of practices that go against our intrinsic nature. But armed with the knowledge on how different minds work, we can better leverage ourselves for success.

Learn about the wiring of the mind as it relates to neuroscience and personality-typology. Discover how different people experience inspiration, motivation, and productivity. Honor individual reality as it relates to one’s true essence.

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Disclaimer: I am not a mental healthcare professional. If you are in need of medical or licensed care, please contact your doctor.